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        Introduction of Gulinglong Scenic Area

        Located in Guangxi’s Liuzhou City, a place home to picturesque mountains and rivers and great minds, and covering an area of around 200 mu, Gulinglong Scenic Area is an industrial tourist attraction that integrates wine culture experience and leisure travel. Built in 2007, it boasts a soaking wine industrial park, a soaking wine museum, a Gulingshen soaking wine experience hall, a corporate culture hall, a collection hall for famous wine and other special sightseeing projects.

        As a professional production base of soaking wine, Gulinglong Scenic Area integrates, under the theme of “A Journey to Exploring Chinese Wine Culture”,soaking wine culture, technique display and wine tasting. It helps to appreciate what is ultimately behind the wine culture, provides a glimpse into the millennia-long soaking techniques, and explores the traditional ways of Chinese regimen.